About Kurbits

Kurbits called the old imaginative and luch painting practiced by itinerat painters from Dalecarlia in Sweden during 1700-1800´s. These richly decorative floralpainting also called “rosepainting” was painted on walls, doors and furniture.

In the poor cottages there was painted a joy of “Kurbitspatterns” on the wall. Painters often mixt kurbitsroses with picture from the Bible. Since the painters were not quite sure how Jerusalems flower looked like, they created these extravagant imaginative flowers, became know as Kurbits.

The word “Kurbits” is actually a latin word “cucurbits”,witch means pumpkin. Kurbits has nowadays become a part of Dalecarlian and the Swedisch culture and achieved a new Renaissance of the Modern Art of Kurbits.